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From the Principal’s Desk


Welcome to St. Xavier's School Jawalakhel

An institution is not only a structure where a group of people spend time to perform a similar task to achieve a set goal, it is rather a culture of sharing life with each other. Similarly, St. Xavier’s Jawalakhel is not only an education institution but it is a culture in itself. Thousands of students have graduated from here, thousands of parents and guardians have shared their life, hundreds of teachers have shared their knowledge and many coworkers have laboured to create St. Xavier’s Jawalakhel culture. I would like to welcome all of you to experience this priceless ethos with us.

After a sudden lockdown of the physical activities due to Covid-19 pandemic, we are trying to bounce back to the normal or adjust to the new normal. We hope we will move forward with the new theme of the year “Walking with the Excluded”. The theme of this academic year is the fruit of a global discussion in the Society of Jesus. This is one of the Universal Preferences of the society of Jesus globally. The world today needs to be looked at differently than what was shown to us in the 18th-19th century, viz., “economic growth is equal to development” however, we have seen the destruction and discrimination this mantra has produced in our world today. The gap between the rich and the poor are growing day by day and growing rapidly. We need to re-think of the process of development. Any development process that excludes any human person, community or a nation is outright wrong and immoral, that is why we need to change such processes and bring in a new outlook and a new process, where all human beings are treated with dignity. We must not only dream about such culture but we must labour to produce such a culture.

One of the most important institutions that could achieve in bringing such a change is an educational institution. We in St. Xavier’s Jawalakhel, therefore, try our best to fashion a culture of “Conscience, Competence, Commitment and Compassion”. These 4 Cs are the pillars of Jesuit education with the foundation on Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm (IPP), based on the solid rock of Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola. The world today needs a platform from where we could see all individuals as equals, therefore, we need to build a stage where we could walk hand in hand with each other. We should consciously walk with those who are discriminated, disregarded, devalued or pushed to the peripheries of humanity. Let us join hands in helping our students to learn to generate such a culture in St. Xavier’s Jawalakhel, where everyone is treated with respect and love.

 Live for God, Lead for Nepal

 Fr. Samuel Simick SJ


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