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Classes 3 and 4 Parents' Day 2018-2019

09 February, 2019 10:00 AM - 11:50 AM

Dear Parents / Guardians, 

This is to invite you to Classes 3 & 4 Parents’ Day on Saturday, February 09, 2019 (Magh 26, 2075) at 10:00 am. Both the students and their teachers have spent a lot of time and effort to prepare the programme. Let’s appreciate their work by giving our time. The programme will be in Donnelly Hall. You are requested to be seated by 9:45 am.

Saturday, February 09, 2019, students of the performing classes i.e. 3ABCDE and 4ABCDE will reach the school by 8:30 am to be ready for the programme. The School buses will start picking up students and teachers at regular time. The programme will begin at 10:00 am. There will be bus service after the programme through the SOUTH GATE. 

All the parents are requested to note;

1.     Children will be sent home only after the whole programme is over. It is our responsibility to take care of your children. You need not worry once they are in the school. Kindly note that the children will be lined up in the following areas after the programme.  Classes 3ABCDE in front of the Art Room / Classes 4ABCDE in front of the Canteen

2.     There is limited parking in the school premises through the SOUTH GATE.

3.     For transportation facility please check the routes under mentioned: 

Route A:      Budhanilkantha, Hattigauda, Golfutar, Ganga Lal Hospital, Chakrapath, US Embassy, Chundevi, Teaching Hospital, Panipokhari, Sangrila Hospital, Lazimpat, Suwal Video, Jamal. (Route No. 4 ).             

Route B:      Banasthali, Sano Bharyang, Thulo Bharyang, Hama Petrol Pump, Sitapaila, Bafal, Kalanki Chowk, Kalanki Temple, Rabi Bhawan, Soaltee Mode, Kalimati, Teku. (Route no. 2 / 9808381308)

Route C:      Chappal Karkhana, Dhumbarahi, Gopi Krishna, Chabahil, Gaushala, Old Baneswor, Conference Hall Road. (Route no. 10 / 9803026221).

Route D:      Surya Binayak, Gatthaghar, Kausaltar, Lokanthali, Jadibuti, Koteswor, Balkumari, Gwarko, Satdobato, Lagankhel, Kumaripati.  (Route 28 / 9748926643)

Route E:      Balwatar, Bhatbhateni, Tangal, Kamalpokharri,Gyaneswor, Maitidevi, Dillibazaar, Kalikasthsan, Anamnagar.n (Route no. 32  Bus 9840013230).

Route F:      Basundhara, Chauki, Samakhushi, Gongabu, Machhapokhari (R), Balaju, Nayabazaar, DDC Lainchaur.: (Route no.24 / 9801094508).

Route G:     Bhimsengola,Sinamanggal, Gairigaon Petrol Pump, Teenkune, Minbhawan, Kantipur Publication, New Baneswor, Bijuli Bazaar,  Babarmahal, Thapathali. (Route no.21 / 9860481566).

Route H:      Thecho, Sunakothi, Dholahity, Ram Store, Satdobato, Thasikhel, Kusunti, Yatayat (Route no. 15 / 9808101303).

Route I:       Bhaisipati, Saibu, Awas Chhetra Gate, Nakhu, Bagdole, Bhanimandal.  Route 26 / 9851150630)

Route J:      Naikap, Samaj Hospital, Kalanki, Sita Petrol Pump, Balkhu.  

Route K:      Panga, Kirtipur Road, Kumari Club, Balkhu, Sanepa Height, Dhobighat (RR), Bagdole.

                    (Route no. 37 / 9841338452).

Route L:      Bhagwaan Paau, Chhauni Musuem, Tahachal, Sanepa Sachal, School. (Route no. 23 / 9818443724).

Route M:     Lubhu, Sanagaon, Imadole, Kist Hospital, Gwarko, Prabhat School, Kumaripati.(Route 35).

Route N:      Suncity Gate, Nepal Yatayat, Pepsi cola Chowk, Koteswor. (Mile Stome College.

 Buses after the Programme:

 Route 1 - Ekantakuna , Kusunti, Satdobato,  Ullens School, Dholahity, Sunakothi, Thecho.

Route 2 – Kumaipati, Lagankhel, Satdobato, Gwarko, Koteswor, Meenbhawan, New Baneswor, Old Baneswor Gaushala, Chabahil, Gopikrishna.

Route 3 – Kupandole, Tripureswor, Nepal Airlines, Jamal, Lazimpat, Maharajgunj, Basundhara, Samakhusi, Balaju.

Route 4 – Bagdole, Balkhu, Kuleswor, Kalimati, Soaltee Mode, Kalanki, Sitapaila, Banasthali.


Sincerely yours,

 Fr. George P.M., S.J.


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