From the Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Guardians, Alumni, Friends, Benefactors and Well-wishers,

Namaskar and a warm welcome to the academic year 2017-18 (2074 B.S.)!

As I write this short message I am filled with gratitude to God for generously blessing us in various ways in the last academic year (2016-17).  St. Xavier’s School is indebted to Fr. Amrit Rai S.J., the former principal, for his valuable service to the students, teachers, parents, alumni and well-wishers. Fr. Amrit, as we all know, was a man of clear vision and a person of commitment and dedication. In the last six years as the principal, he took St. Xavier’s to greater heights. The number of children thronging to St. Xavier’s for admission itself is a sign of his great contribution. I, on behalf of the staff and students, sincerely thank Fr. Amrit for giving his best for the school in the past six years.

This year we have a few changes of the Jesuits in the school.  As I wrote in the beginning, Fr. Amrit is appointed as the principal of St. Xavier’s Deonia;  Fr. David Ekka, S.J., goes to St. Xavier’s Godavari; Fr. Tej Kalyan Kujur, S.J. will be involved in the school, but his main mission now is to be of service to the  people at Baniyattar. The new Jesuit faces that you will encounter in the school this year are Brother Amit Hasda, S.J. and Scholastic Moris Martin, S.J.; both of them will be actively involved in the school.   Fr. Mathew Assarikudy, S.J., will continue to guide and inspire us as the Superior of the Jesuit Community.

The Jesuit education aims at the transformation of a student in four key areas:  social: to produce “people for others”; spiritual: to produce people who are, both free and responsible; intellectual: developing the students’ imaginative, affective and creative dimensions and; personal: holistic development of the student’s personality.. Only with the dedicated service of our staff who live this transformation by their thoughts, words and actions this holistic formation of a student can be achieved. I place on record the school’s gratitude towards all of our staff members who give their time and talens to the students and the school without counting the cost.

St. Xavier’s is indebted to the alumni for their tireless support and relentless effort to make St. Xavier’s what it is today. Fr. Amrit wrote in the previous year about the plan of pulling down the Fr. Niesen building and constructing a new one. The new building will be of four floors with 17 classrooms and administrative block on the ground floor. In the initial meetings regarding the construction of the new building, an idea was floated that while the school will raise funds to construct the basic structure of the new block, the alumni will get-together in their batches and sponsor one class room each. I gratefully congratulate the six batches who have committed to build a classroom each. I hope that the other batches too will contribute in keeping their alma mater the best in the nation. We are in the final stages of the process of obtaining permission from the Lalitpur Municipality for the construction. The area of construction has been cordoned off and the contractors are ready to begin the construction.

As many of you may be aware, the school has an alumni office now.  Mr. Hira Krishna will continue to look after this office. He will be contacting you and connecting you with the school and your friends. He could be contacted at . I hope this office will keep the alumni and their alma mater connected.

Another mission of the school that I request you to be a part is the scholarship program. As responsible human beings we desire and need to reach out to people who are less fortunate than us. SXJ invites you to be a part of this kind gesture.  Your generous contributions/donations to the scholarship fund for the underprivileged students can be made at our Himalayan Bank Ltd. Account Number: 01900083080013 and Nepal SBI Bank Ltd. Account Number: 20235240100004.  Even a small contribution of yours can light up the face of a poor child.

The Jesuits service to the less fortunate ones is not just limited to the scholarship program alone. Through their head office, the Nepal Jesuit Society, the Jesuits have started two new schools (St. Xavier’s Sadakbari School, Kumrkhod -6, and LOYOLA school, Tangandubba -9) in remote villages of Jhapa district. Both of these schools share the vision of Moran Memorial School which is situated in the tea gardens of Maheshpur: the vision of taking care of the educational needs of the forgotten tribal communities in the terai like Santals, Uraaon and Rajbanshis. As you know Moran Memorial School has highly subsidized its fee and is catering to tribals and others. The maximum fee it charges from a student is Rs. 150. The Nepal Jesuit Society, through the leadership of Fr. Boniface Tigga, S.J., continues to look for benefactors every year to educate the underprivileged children in our schools. The Society also has a plan to move out to the Western Nepal as well. A team of Jesuits is appointed to look into the possibility. They have already begun their ground work.

Once again, I remind you that your moral and financial support is essential to make our mission of reaching out to the less fortunate of our nation. I thank you for your selfless support in the past. I pray that God continue to bless you, and protect you.

Sincerely yours,

Fr. George P.M., S.J.